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Made easier by having a stable super fast smartphone. Got the ota maintenance update and now in 9 days i will be downloading the updste from kies. God of Houston: The OTA was a minor stability and security fix. Peep this u fata cracker I wasent talking to ur lame ugly bullfrog looking a I know the diffence in updates I have every Android phone for Tmobile highends fat loser. How much difference from the gingerbread update a few weeks ago to ICS? The update fixed a few of the bugs was having problems with. And i have noticed a little more battery life, so what going to be the difference?

Has anyone tried an app called Foxfi? I have been using it to tether even without rooting my phone and have had no problems. Tina, thanks for the info. T-Mobile plans on locking down tethering for free with this update. Mike you where correct. It was the bug fix. What you probably got was the maintenance update of Gingerbread. No it will not delete your apps or data. Hello Katie that update u got is a software update still for 2.

Changed the lock screen and battery improvement and some bugs few more day Togo for ics when. U get ics u will see the difference. I doubt the galaxy s2 will ever get the jelly bean update, the galaxy s2 on Tmobile is already almost 2 versions behind. Once you do that, go back to the homescreen and click the home button and select LAUNCHER and if you want it as your default just check it at the bottom. Hope this helps, good day. Clock is ticking few more hours to go till Monday keep r fingers croosed called T-Mobile to ask if coming out the 11th they said yes see what happends.

Is this a reoccurring patterns in t-mobile updates where they push out the updates at midnight? Same here. Check back around 3 a. Is it correct? Thank you. I will be glad to provide you the required information. Yes, the 4. As of now the update is not yet released. Please check back after couple of hours. I am sorry to inform that we do not have the exact time for the update release. The update should be released today for the device.

Has nothing to do with Samsung. Give it a bit. That was just an update for the Kies program itself, and not ICS, or any firmware update. Just updated Kies earlier tonight myself and it did the same thing the first try, but you wont notice any changes. If people in the west coast are getting it now then the next well be central then east. No one told you to stay up all night. Im up because I just cant sleep.

So blame yourselves for staying up all night for nothing dont get made at the company for your lack of independence. Also, where are you hearing that people on the West Coast are getting the update? Obviously not here…dumbass. I came here for the jell of it becaus if people could read it says starting June 11 not that everyone could get it. I have friends that live in every time zone too! This is an amazing coincidence! Thanks for the laugh! Where would you like me to send the tip to?

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Just loaded Kies.. Updating now.. Keep everyone posted!

How to Root T-Mobile Galaxy S2 SGH-T989! [Android 2.3.6][ICS]

Yeah I got that update to Kies around midnight when I was looking for the update and nothing…Maybe you will get lucky though…. So how exactly do you execute this update? What is everyone so mad about? You can wait a few more hours. David I was hoping to have before work. If samsung wants to apple so much, update your products when you say you are going to.

Procrastination is not a good quality in any sutuation. This happened to me the other day when I updated gingerbread. Was just told by customer care that the update would come over the air today at some point. They were not sure the exact time that is would go live. It would be over the air i was told. Will update here if anything happens. Just got it here Houston TX 9: Kies will not recognize it…. NO OTA for initial release!!!

I think this is procedure to perform… Under connected devices, highlight your device name and right click. If so, perform Kies Firmware upgrade, this will dl the most current kies firmware version.. After this is completed, go to your Tools menu in Kies, and select Firmware upgrade.. No update yet on Kies. I will check again later today..

Must be nice to cry on an internet forum about a phone update. I wish I had the luxury of such minor problems.

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Once you have jobs, families,etc you will see what I mean. I can complain if I want!!! I updated to 2. Prior to this upgrade I would generally last 10 hours on a full charge. I hope the upgrade to ICS keeps this battery life! I think I am going to stay with this update for this week just to see how this battery performs for a full week before upgrading to ICS. Glad to see that you have successfully started that flame war with yourself that you were going for. I can send you Jellybean if you want!

You sir are an idoit!

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Wow man backoff. I just installed it right now.

  1. contacts apk application not installed.
  2. Delete Document!
  3. The update is based on Android 2.3.6, not on Android 4.0.
  4. copy blackberry contacts to samsung galaxy ace;

What is your problem? Are you talking about removing it and then putting it back in? T-Mobile USA? Still early. We will let everyone know when it is available. It automatically suggested that I install the new firmware. Taking some time to download..

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So please, until you can confirm that you have 4. Austin, Texas. I dunno why I got the update versus half the other people. T-Mobile announced that it comes out at Show a screen shot of the phone. My Kies says an update is available and starts downloading, but then does nothing!!! There were 2 different versions of 2. Hard to believe you have it, and not a single other person does. The 2. These people saying they got it are confused.

What you are getting is the 2. ICS will release tonight and has to be updated by Kies. Looks like we have to wait till 11pm EST! ICS will be available beginning 11 p. EST on kies. Here is the link: After completing the update: Software versionsAndroid version 4. Easy people, here is the press release from T-Mobile.

Its released tonite on lies at 8pm PST for everyone. You must be signed in to add attachments. Email me when someone replies. You must type a description before you click preview or reply. We noticed you may have typed personal information in the post. Please edit or confirm OK below, then re-submit. Check to confirm there is no personal information in the post.

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Still need help? Visit these related resources View New Device Help! Subject Author Posted How i can unlock my samsung galaxy s2 i Got all that? Don't worry. T-Mobile's page describes all the steps required to reach the peak of Android. But the carrier does warn that if you run into any trouble, you'll have to call Samsung. Though T-Mobile is trying to be helpful by outlining all the steps involved, this convoluted process clearly shows why Android updates are such a mess. With Google, the device makers. Compare that with the process on iOS devices.

Apple is the sole party responsible for all updates. The carriers have no involvement. Apple users can download iOS updates to iTunes and sync them with their iPhones and iPads or download and install the updates directly to their devices. It is any wonder Android users have to wait so long for the latest version of Android and other updates?