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However, if you haven't created any backup of all the files in your phone, or if you're sure the backup was made long before you deleted the text message, this method wouldn't work. The trick for the future is, keep creating backups of all contents in your phone from time to time, just so that you have your data ready to be transferred into your phone in cases of a sudden device crash, accidental deletion, etc.

Method III. This method may cost you a few bucks, for we involve the usage of data recovery software. While many data recovery software might be free of cost, many charge you a few dollars, but assure you full recovery of deleted content.

Can I Recover Deleted Messages From a BlackBerry? | It Still Works

In devices like computers, laptops, hard-disks, and smartphones, even after a file is deleted, it is stored somewhere in the memory of the device, and one needs quite some technical support in order to retrieve it. While the Recycle Bin is the most common example that makes it easy to understand how deleted files can be retrieved, in a smartphone like Blackberry, even though there isn't a provision of a Recycle Bin, it is possible to retrieve deleted text messages through software created specially for Blackberry smartphones.

Dexrex and Retain for Blackberry are two such examples. Other third-party software might cost you a few bucks.

Part 2. Solutions to Retrieve Messages

You know, in my view, when you carry a smartphone like Blackberry in hand, you should make sure you're set for accidental device crash and freeze - that is to say, Blackberry is so vast in its performance and services, that these strokes should not astonish you. The key is to be prepared for them, keep a backup always , and install software that can keep all your data as archives. No loss of data, no inconvenience.

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Part 1. Introduction for Blackberry

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Blackberry Restore Deleted Message

The Rise of the Visual Web. Visual Stories: AMP Stories: A third-party data recovery tool -- like TextRar or iCare Data Recovery, for example -- can be installed on your computer and used to scan for and possibly recover lost or deleted data. You can also install an app like Undelete or Recycle Bin on your BlackBerry and restore recently deleted content. To avoid losing messages in the future, it may also be prudent to install an SMS backup app -- like SMS Backup or txtForward -- so all incoming and outgoing messages are instantaneously backed up to your email inbox for safekeeping.

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BlackBerry: Restore Deleted SMS Message

Dont Go! Search Messages If it's not been too long since you deleted the message, it will still be stored in the device's memory and can be located with the Search feature. Restore From a Backup If you back up regularly to the BlackBerry Desktop Software, your messages will also be retained in the resulting backup files. Third-Party App Solutions A third-party data recovery tool -- like TextRar or iCare Data Recovery, for example -- can be installed on your computer and used to scan for and possibly recover lost or deleted data.

Can I Recover Deleted Messages From a BlackBerry?

References BlackBerry Support: Determine what type of message you've lost: If it's an email, you won't need to bother with complicated hard drive data recovery; recovering the message may be as easy as logging in to your email service on a computer to recover the message. If you work for a company, an IT representative may be able to scan the company server for your message. Press the BlackBerry's menu button and choose "View Folder. Go to the BlackBerry menu screen and select the "Search" icon if you still can't find your lost message.

Search for any keywords you can recall from the message. If the search function finds your lost message, you may need to copy the needed text from the search screen into a new message to preserve it.