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When another call comes in and it will, because you're clearly in demand… you'll hear two fast beeps. You can answer the second call or let it go right to Voicemail.

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Plus if you've got Call Display you'll also see the number of the person who's calling in to help you decide if you want to answer it or not. Don't forget that if you use Call Waiting have two calls on the go at the same time, you'll be using airtime for both calls. Call Waiting will be turned off for this one call and if anyone calls you then they'll hear a busy tone. Call Waiting will automatically switch back on after you hang up. With Conference Calling you can talk to two other people at the same time, whether they're local or long distance.

You can either make or receive the first call, but the second call that you're adding in has to be made by you. Don't forget that airtime is charges for both calls and that long distance applies if you're calling a number outside of your home area. Skip to content Skip to "About the site". Hey there, we think you're in Ontario. If you're located in another province, select it in the dropdown menu.

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Are you sure you wanna remove this phone from your cart? Are you sure you want to remove the phone from the cart? Plan and add ons will be removed. Effective April 1, , there will be a change in the mobile rates for Pay Per Use data. Learn more. Voicemail Checking your Voicemail is basically like dialing your own number from your phone, so don't forget that regular airtime charges apply when you call your Voicemail on your phone and long distance charges apply if you check your Voicemail from outside of your home area. Press and hold down the 1 key for a few second to get started.

Then follow the prompts to set up your name and greeting. How To Check Your Voicemail From your phone, press and hold down the 1 for a few seconds OR check Voicemails from another phone by dialing your mobile phone number.

How to use calling Features.

When you hear your own message hit the key. How does roaming work? When you land at your destination, turn on your phone and it should automatically connect to one of the local networks partnered with Virgin Mobile. What are the International Roaming rates? Take a look. How do I apply for International Roaming rights?

What are the guidelines for International Roaming? When you're roaming you'll be charged for all outgoing calls and the international leg of incoming calls.

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All calls and SMS charges will include the foreign network charge plus a roaming charge. Bear in mind that it could take a while for call records to reach Virgin Mobile from foreign networks up to 3 months Max. This means we may not be able to cap your account when you've reached your Subscription Cap or Credit Limit. If we do receive the information in time these Limits will kick in whilst you're travelling which may be a huge inconvenience. It's a good idea to monitor your Subscription cap or Credit Limit to ensure you won't be cut off.

To save yourself from nightmare bills you may want to consider forwarding all incoming calls to your voicemail. This means your mobile will never ring but you can make outgoing calls.

If you forward ALL calls to voicemail you will only be charged to retrieve them and to save costs even more, wait until you return to South Africa to retrieve them. Be warned that if you do not unconditionally forward ALL calls to voicemail you will be charged for two international calls simply for someone to leave you a message in your voicemail box. The first call will find you unavailable in your country of destination; the second call will return your call to South Africa to leave a message Before you leave please ensure that your mobile has the right specifications for the country you're going to.

International roaming & Calls | Virgin Mobile

Different countries use different GSM bandwidths; dual-band, tri-band or quad-band. The more bands your mobile has - the more countries you may roam in. And one final thing — always check to see if you need an adapter for your phone charger. Many countries use different plugs. Happy travels! If you ever forget your voicemail password it happens to the best of us , it can be reset to the default password on the web, or through our Sort Me Out Centre.

How to Place a Three-Way Call on Virgin Mobile Phones

You could even phone your number from a different phone and leave a message for yourself if you like. Rate Plans. Phones by Brand. My Virgin Mobile. Get Help. Basic Phone Usage. What is call barring? What is my barring code? How do I set up call barring using GSM codes? What is call waiting? How do I activate call waiting using GSM codes? What is call forwarding? How do I set up call forwarding using GSM codes? What is call holding?

What are the short message codes? They go a little something like this: What is SMS? If in doubt about how to send an SMS, consult your mobile phone manual. What is MMS?

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To find out how to send an MMS, please consult your mobile phone manual. New contact numbers and short codes New contact numbers and short codes The new codes that will come into effect on 24 March are: What are some examples of services on MMS? MMSs are somewhat of a blank canvas, just waiting for the right Picasso, but you can expect the following services on MMS: How does MMS compare to email?

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