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Darkroom iOS. Darkroom is a photo editing app that has all the bells and whistles that you would expect plus more. Aside from being able to crop, brighten, saturate, fade and add filters, you can also adjust the curves, colors and tones. The Darkroom app also has infinite undo history and custom filter support. Darkroom is available as a free download, but it has a number of in-app purchases.

FaceTune is definitely a must-have photo editing app. FaceTune can widen smiles and brighten teeth. It can also be used to remove pimples and blemishes and brighten dark circles under the eyes.

1. Snapseed

Plus it can also remove red- and white-eye effects. Replacing grey hairs with a different color and filling in bald patches is a cinch with FaceTune. Font Candy iOS. As the name implies, Font Candy is a photo editing app that allows you to overlay creative font captions on your photos.

Font Candy also has scaling and cropping tools that you can use. As demonstrated by the screenshots, this app can come in handy for creating marketing materials and wedding-related graphics. Flickr has been one of the most popular professional photographer communities since There are now over 12 billion photos that have been shared on Flickr. And Flickr offers 1TB of free storage to all of its users. There is a pro version of Flickr that offers advanced stats on your photos, an ad-free browsing experience, a desktop auto uploading tool, a one year subscription for Adobe Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC and a couple of other smaller perks.

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Google Photos is also tightly integrated with Google Drive. Photos up to 16 megapixels and videos up to p resolution can be uploaded to Google Photos for free. However, higher quality photos and videos uses up your Google Drive storage. Once the photos are uploaded, Google allows users to search for people, places, dates and subjects of their photos.

When you tap on the Pencil icon of a photo, the app goes into edit mode. From there, you can adjust the Light, Color, Pop and Vignette effects.

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Google Photos also has filters, crop and rotation tools. Photos can be restored to the original state if you decide later on that you don't like the edits. Instagram is one of the most popular photo and video sharing mobile applications with over million users. Photos on Instagram can be shared privately or publicly. Instagram has many filters to choose from and there are several editing tools you can use such as: Litely iOS.

Litely is a photo editing app created by a photographer named Cole Rise, who is known for creating filters on Instagram like Amaro, Hudson, Sierra, Sutro and Rise. With the Litely app, you can adjust crop, exposure, sharpness and custom vignetting. There are 66 presets in the shop and new packs are going to be added in future updates. Microsoft Selfie iOS.

Or add an artistic touch with the brush tool. If you like the idea of using one-tap filters to create classic, understated edits, VSCO is a great choice. For more advanced editing tools, such as curves and selective color adjustments, try Adobe Lightroom CC or Afterlight 2. TouchRetouch is a great app to have in your collection.

Use it whenever you want to remove unwanted objects from your iPhone photos. These effects are great for adding beauty and drama to your landscape photos. Do you enjoy getting creative with your edits?

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  4. If so, Enlight might be the perfect app for you. Afterlight 2 also has a good selection of creative tools. Mextures is the best photo editing app for adding textures and light leaks. If you want to create truly unique artwork, including fantasy-style images and double-exposures, try Superimpose X. Then why not use its filters and editing tools to give your images a final polish before sharing.

    Free Video Reveals Snapseed Best For: Snapseed also has a selection of filters to create different moods in your photos. Afterlight 2 Best For: The app offers typical editing tools such as color, exposure, sharpness, and crop tools. If you want to move beyond basic image editing, Afterlight 2 is an excellent place to start. Enlight Best For: TouchRetouch Best For: Removing unwanted blemishes and objects from your photos Quickly remove unwanted objects for a cleaner composition Brush and lasso tools for accurate object selection Remove dust spots, wires, people, and other objects Remove blemishes and smooth out wrinkles in portrait photos Duplicate objects using the clone tool Price: The Blemish Remover tool is perfect for creating flawless portrait photos.

    Instagram Best For: Lightroom is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. Mextures Best For: The app also has a set of standard editing tools and filters for fine-tuning your image. Lens Distortions Best For: For a unique look, you can layer up different effects on your image.

    Superimpose X Best For: Creating unique digital art by combining and blending images Combine two or more photos to create a composite image Perfect for replacing the background of a photo Create stunning double-exposure and fantasy-style images Blend textures onto an image for an arty look Add filters, blur, shadows, and other creative effects Variety of masking tools for selecting parts of an image Price: With Superimpose X, the creative possibilities are endless.

    Your imagination is the only limit!

    What is the best Photo Editing app for the iPad Pro

    If you are a subscriber or don't mind getting a subscription, Lightroom for iPad lets you synchronise edits between your desktop and iPad. The problem is that Lightroom for iPad lacks the advanced editing tools that are cherished by those who use the desktop app. If you want to make a quick edit, or apply a preset effect, Lightroom for iPad saves you the trouble of returning to your desktop.

    For those who want advanced editing options, Adobe's Photoshop Touch is a better paid alternative on the iPad. Apart from being one of the world's most popular photo communities, Instagram is a fast, hassle-free photo editing app. Its filters are adequate for most people, but not for power users. If you are into black-and-white photography, you might want to try other apps because Instagram's filters aren't the best.

    Pixlr Express Android, iOS Autodesk's photo-editing app Pixlr Express is quite useful when you want to remove unwanted spots or marks from photos. Whether it is dust on your camera's lens or flash burning out a small portion of the image, Pixlr Express is a good app for image correction. Available for both Android and iOS , Pixlr Express has easy to use tools, which help you touch-up images quickly. It has enough tools for power users too, coupled with Photoshop-like effects such as pencil, poster, sketch and halftone, among others.

    Like Instagram, Flickr has a great community of photographers. Unlike Instagram, however, Flickr has advanced editing tools, which is better for enthusiasts. Another advantage is that Flickr doesn't restrict you to square photos. Its built-in filters are fairly good too.

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    If you are a Windows Phone user, Photo Editor by Aviary is one of the best apps for tweaking pictures. Although the app still works well, you should know that its developers stopped updating the Windows Phone version last year. This app - under active development for iPhone and Android - also makes it easy to add text, drawings and stickers to your photos. Apart from these, it has all basic editing tools such as filters, effects, crop, rotate, etc.

    It doesn't have much in the way of advanced options, but that shouldn't be a problem for casual users. If you like pretty apps, then both Repix, and the next app in the list, will appeal to you. Apart from great design, Repix has some cool filters, basic editing tools brightness, saturation, etc and even effects such as flares and posterize. If you want more filters or effects, you can purchase those through the app.

    Litely is similar to Repix, but it has fewer features and is easier to use. You can easily apply preset effects to any photo. A two-finger swipe shows you a before and after view of the picture.