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Hate your alarm clock? Here's how to wake up to your favourite Spotify playlist

Instead of setting a single wake-up time, you choose a time slot during which you need to rise and shine, and the app will select a specific time from within that window. Those who prefer a more meditative and calming wakeup call might like Sleep Cycle. Lay your smartphone on your mattress while you snooze, and this app will use the device's sensors to figure out your sleeping patterns. It only rings the alarm when you've reached a natural point of light sleep in your circadian rhythm.

This alarm lets you define a minute window when you need to wake up—otherwise you could sleep right through work or an important interview—and it will sound at some point during that period. If you upgrade to the premium plan, Sleep Cycle can also track the quality of your sleep over several days, based on the movements and sounds you make. Following in the style of Sleep Cycle, we found Sleep Better. It takes the same approach: You put your phone on your mattress, and the app uses signals from your movements to figure out when you're sleeping most soundly and when your rest is at its most fitful.

You set a time window for your wakeup call, and Sleep Better then picks the best moment in your sleep cycle to play one of 30 different alarm sounds. On top of the smart alarm, you can log factors like exercise and caffeine intake to track how they affect your sleep. Plus, you get to check up on your sleep duration and efficiency over time. Sleep as Android is primarily designed to track your sleep.

However, it offers many additional features that resemble the abilities of apps we've already mentioned. For example, if you place your smartphone on your mattress, Sleep as Android can figure out the quality of the night's sleep you're getting—but it can also use this tracking to set off a smart alarm that will wake you up at the most natural moment, just like the two apps we mentioned above.

You can also set an alarm that won't turn off until you solve certain challenges, like doing math or shaking your phone, much like Alarmly and it cohorts. On top of these abilities, Sleep as Android provides a good selection of natural alarm sounds, as well as support for wearables, Google Fit, and Spotify. It's a great all-around choice for Android users—and it's free. Good Morning Alarm Clock takes care of your whole sleep routine, from sending you to dreamland with soothing sounds to waking you up at the right time in your natural cycle albeit within a preset window.

At bedtime, if you need to make up a sleep deficit, then the app can help you calculate when you need to start heading to bed. During the night, if you leave your phone on your mattress as you drift off, the app will track and log the quality of your sleep. Finally, in the morning, you can use it as a smart alarm clock.

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If you'd rather not track your sleep, you can leave the phone on your nightstand, and the app will act like a more typical alarm. You can customize the alerts—for example, the alarm might start off quietly and gradually get louder.

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You can also choose from a range of built-in natural sounds or make the app play your own music to wake you up. Alarms don't need all these bells and whistles in order to wake you up properly. If you're looking for simpler functionality, with a beautiful design, you can still find the perfect morning app for you. Wake Alarm Clock sticks to the basics, but with a sense of style and minimalism that makes it well worth considering as your default way of getting up in the morning.

The app's gorgeous interface, operated by swipes and drags rather than taps, is a pleasure to use.

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By submitting above, you agree to our privacy policy. As far as the crucial waking-up part of the app is concerned, you can set up to eight repeatable alarms. The noise selection includes a variety of soothing sounds as well as the option to use your own music. The alarms start off quiet and slowly get louder as time goes on, so you can ease your way into reality a little more comfortably.

When you finally return to consciousness, you can dismiss these alerts with a flip, a shake, or a swipe of your hand. Wake Alarm Clock for iOS free. Skip to main content. Premium Profile. Follow us email facebook twitter Google Plus instagram tumblr pinterest youTube snapchat linkedin rss. Phones give us a better way to wake up. Alarmy can give you a challenge to help you wake up. Snap Me Up uses selfies to dismiss the alarm. Mini games must be completed to silence AlarmMon.

If you really can't get out of bed, Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers could be for you.

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  4. Get stats on how well you slept with Sleep Cycle. Sleep Better includes 30 alarm sound options. I can understand. Notifications are for alarms and not for your crazy stupid ads. First, yes I know this is a free app. But the over-whelming amounts of ads, most prevalent pop-up ads that open my browser and tell me I've won a gift card, are limiting the functionality of this app! In a matter of minutes, this morning I had 6 windows opened in Safari by the same gift card ad. It is making this app not worth the hassle! I can't even leave the app open to use it as a clock.

    The ads take over my screen. When I open the app to check my alarms, ads pop up before I can get to the alarm screen. Or I can ignore your coerced marketing, delete your app and find another of dozens of free apps to replace it. OK - I just read reviews of the paid app. It appears that the pop-ups also occur in the paid version. Definitely searching for a better alarm app! Thank you for your feedback.

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    Now earn points for your daily activities in My Alarm Clock Free: Get rewards for your achievements! Performance improvements you won't necessarily notice but definitely enhancing your experience with the app Thank you for your continued support and feedback! Enjoy a gentle awakening!

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